Vampire Bill Bouquet

dual-gender-bouqetGRAND ST, Brooklyn: My good friend and talented floral designer, Lea Wells, was just featured on Black Book for her design approach to masculine or duel gendered “flower” arrangements. Check it out here:

I happened to drop by Sprout Home just before the bouquet went out and I must say this image hardly does it justice. We dubbed it Vampire Bill because I pictured it’s sophistication and texture on the mantel of a gentleman with fine, seasoned and timeless tastes. Inspired by Lea’s talents I set out on my own and experimented with what I had growing in my garden to create a manly statement that could be displayed with pride on the dinning room table I share with my ever so masculine boyfriend, Bradley. The result is the Lettuce Bouquet:

IMG_0790Radish blooms gone to seed, romaine, a french heirloom lettuce and a spotted leaf from a houseplant. More of a still life really, and much more delicate and temporary than Lea’s. Certainly not as majestic, maybe I should call it the Huck Finn Bouquet as it screams of summer naivety and young things. It was quickly turned into salad.


One Response to “Vampire Bill Bouquet”

  1. lea blum Says:

    Hey Thanks! I agree that photo with the acid green background makes it spooky in all the wrong ways- like a UFO not Vampire. Your bouquet is masculine, and delicious.
    Our two Brad’s should be very proud…

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