Michael Pollan in Cornwall, CT

CORNWALL, Connecticut: Last weekend Michael Pollan generously spoke at a lecture to benefit the Cornwall Public Library. Not really an urban neighborhood, I know, but I couldn’t pass it up being so close to where I grew up and the date happened to correspond with some family stuff that was going on a few towns over. We took the metro north to Wassiac, New York and then biked 20 miles east to the lecture. It was a great day, and made me ponder an alternative universe where I lived the country life.

IMG_1040Downtown Cornwall, as seen from the patio of The Wandering Moose, where my mom met us for lunch.

IMG_1041This is New England!

IMG_1037Farmers Market and book signing before lecture.

IMG_1039Tomato envy. According to my pops, the tomatoes of the northeast have been hit hard this year by “black spot” and most everyone in the area has lost their entire crops to this unpreventable and incurable blight.

IMG_1049The sweltering elementary school gym set the stage. The turn out was great!

IMG_1042Close up on the man.

IMG_1053More New England. I want to live in this garage.


This is a really great part of the country and I am so glad to have ties here. Maybe someday I will return!


One Response to “Michael Pollan in Cornwall, CT”

  1. lea blum Says:

    That’s awesome you saw Michael Polan lecture. I’ve been reading the “Botany of Desire” for like 2 months…dense reading bleh…but good!

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