The Bees Knees

This is right around the corner from my apartment, maybe these bees have been snacking on my pollen!
This story makes me very excited indeed. I wish I had a place in the city to get in on the beekeeping revolution, but I think that our ground level set up is a little too exposed especially since there are a lot of little kids living in our building and they sometimes jump out the fire escape to play in our “yarde.”

But this definitely gets me thinking about doing more. More garden, more plants, more creative urban solutions to battle the concrete slabs that surround us. For starters, I want to figure out how to implement a mosquito/ pest proof rain barrel. From what I’ve heard, screens aren’t enough – the insects will just drop their eggs through it. Also turns out to be a good place for rats to drown. great. Does anyone have any info or experience with this? Let me know!


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