The Great American Tomato Chronicle

HOME, Brooklyn: The first red tomato in a backyard garden is a momentous occasion for any amateur green thumb wanna be. This year there was a tie between the first gorgeous offspring of my only “Early Girl” – a plant that was a gift from my dad, started from seed indoors in March if I am not mistaken (this conception date could stand to be corrected.)
IMG_0980And though grotesque the insides of a tomato are always worthy of illustration, hense the full dissection proudly folllows the more dignified exterior shot:


In half… and then …16ths?? yikes, i couldn’t help myself. Look at those seeds!!!!

IMG_0983The other winner was a dainty little cherry tomato. Considering it’s comparable size, dissection was bypassed for direct insertion into chewing face hole.  Relative size to other tomato also made me second guess my original declaration of  “tie” status, to maybe little one should be second place. maybe.


This plant also came from my pops, and being the second consecutive year of tomato seedling gift giving, I am happy to think that maybe we have started a tradition together of him giving me a couple plants he has started from seed, every year right around the first of June.

If you have never grown a tomato plant, I cannot express the thrill involved in discovering the perfection of the first vine ripened fruit. The second, third and fourth are also pretty exciting. Come to think of it EVERY ripe tomato carries the gravity of receiving a gift wrapped in a shiny red paper and toped with a perfectly proportioned green bow. Here is a look at the bounty to come:



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