too much rain!

HOME, Booklyn: So the cucumbers are doing really well. But the zucchini not so much. All I can guess is a case of root rot hit them hard while we were away, since it had done nothing but rain. But what a sad day! We lost three of five plants, one of which had begun producing. The stems literally just yellowed and disintegrated into a sloppy mess.


I managed to save this one (and had zucchini for dinner tonight, it was delish!) but the other smaller ones were squishy and molding so we had to compost them. IMG_0802 On July 30, I took it upon myself to plant some seeds to make up for  the loss. I know it is late in the season, but there was certainly space since over half my Z dudes kicked the bucket so to speak.I guess I just figured if we end up having an indian summer, or even just a late frost, I will be very happy with myself for planting so late. And if a frost does happen to swoop in and kill them off early that’s ok too, it’s just seeds!

IMG_0773Nothing quite like freshly planted earth. And believe it or not, when I checked out there today I already have neat rows of sprouts nearly 2 inches tall each with two perfect leaves! I think I said this before, but I really just like to have as much green around me as possible, and I find zucchini to have a very pleasing topography once it fills out and begins to take over. There’s not much to look at in way of foliage in my hood, so I am happy.


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