Some catching up is in order….

IMG_0054HOME, Brooklyn: Since I went on vacation I feel a little back logged in my garden’s documentation. Presented here is an album to compensate the days I was gone, taken the day before I left and the day after I got back. Here is a general survey of what has been going on in this Brooklyn Garden from July 21 – July 29:


I know this is not a garden shot but I couldnt help including the view from my stoop. I thought this funny cloud sticking out from behind that building was watching over my flowers.

IMG_0144IMG_0755IMG_0757IMG_0763Hydra’s blooms have turned a light dusty pink, as if it’s fall. But there are more buds coming up for a second round of flowers. I am still amazed by this plants come back (see first post ever, for more details.)



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