Check Out These Fattys

HOME, Brooklyn: We have 8 successful cucumber vines in our garden right now. They are very crowded and one is in a planter and very small, but producing regardless. The first cucumber harvest happened right before I went on vacation:

IMG_0067We were pretty proud of these chubby little shits. The variety is called “Boston Pickling” as per Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds, “An old heirloom dating back to 1880. Vigorous vines give large yields of smooth green fruit excellent for pickles; very crisp and good quality. A very popular variety at the turn of the century.”

IMG_0072Since I have not yet mastered the art of pickling I opted to prepare these in what I call “Fresh Pickle Salad” also passed down from my dear old dad. I also remember my grandpa doing this on hot summer days, so I am sure it has been passed down from gardener to gardener. It is an incredibly fresh contribution to any picnic.

IMG_0091The ingerdients are as follows:

Cucumbers sliced very thin, any number depending on how many people you have. The fresher the better since this is all about the flavor of the cucs.

Ice cubes

White Vinegar

Salt & Pepper

Some people like to peel the cucs. I always liked the skin, but thought it was a nice aesthetic touch when they are peeled in stripes. After the cucumbers have been sliced as thinly as possible, put them in a bowl and add vinegar until your pile is about half covered – this is a very loose constraint! Generously salt and add freshly ground pepper (dont bother with pre bought pepper flakes, only fresh ground will do here.) toss gently so every slice is perfectly coated. Refrigerate for a while, maybe an hour minimum, to let the mixture marinade. To serve, top with ice cubes. 


Here is some documentation of the next harvest we are looking forward to.  I love how the really little babies look, they are so cute!




IMG_0042IMG_0041IMG_0769The ones that grew up the fence are pretty cool too. The variety in shape is so odd, some are perfect and others seem to be growing into their skin, but just end up lop sided. I keep turning them, in hopes they will even out in color and shape, but I guess they are just funny lookin.


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