The First Born Sun(flower)

Sunflower 1HOME, Brooklyn: I mentioned in an earlier post that all the sunflower seeds I planted this year were harvested from last years impressive crop. I wasn’t even sure they would grow, let alone flower – but here you have it, the first sunflower bloom. This little guy is much shorter with a smaller bloom than the monstrosities that managed to flourish along our fence last year, but cheerful none the less.

It is somehow satisfying knowing these seeds were a product of my toil, and that last year, the parent flowers grew in the same place and brought beauty to our little rectangle of earth. Somehow I am cultivating history.


2 Responses to “The First Born Sun(flower)”

  1. Gail Says:

    Beautiful picture of your sunflower – is that with your new camera?

  2. Sunflower Celebration « I GREW THIS Says:

    […] seed, Russian Giant purchased from Sprout Home. You can tell it looks a little different from the others I’ve planted. See how the petals are less […]

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