’08 – Go Beans!


HOME, Brooklyn: The beans are so beautiful and growing growing growing, but I have no camera! What bad timing to have my picture taker go kaput!

Well I figured while I wait for the replacement equipment to show up in the mail I would share my first bean harvest EVER (well not ever since I think I must have planted my first bean seed when I was about 3,  but of my adult life at least. Since I have been trying, I guess.) It all started last year when Bradley and I moved in together and were lucky enough to find a spot in Brooklyn with a “yarde.” This was the first harvest:

2008 beans

We are growing a different variety this year. We’ve already harvested a round (delish) and are far surpassing last year in both quantity and size. We are also watching some pretty plump cucs show up. Stay tuned for photos of our beauties. Also send along what you’ve got growing! igrewthis@gmail.com!


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