HOME, Brooklyn: Pictured here you will see sunflower babies from seeds that were harvested off the beasts I grew last year along our fence. Worthy of another post altogether, I was surprised by the speed and size of my sunflowers last year and saved a bunch of seeds when they had dried out and were falling out in the fall.

I figured I would just plant as many seeds as I possibly could because I wasn’t sure they would even grow since the parent plants were from a crappy $.50 seed packet bought at Home Depot promising freakishy large (aka genetically altered) blooms. I’m not really too informed on the seed industry, but supposedly many brands of seeds sold in the US these days do not produce “fertile” plants. Needless to say I need more pots! We shall see if they flower, of course, I will keep you posted. 



WEEK 4ish:

DSCN3991I just like having all the green even if they never flower. In this city, in this neighborhood, the more green the better.


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