HOME, Brooklyn: Here is a simple and fast idea for using radish greens. We have so mush leafage right now, I don’t know what to do with it all. The following recipe is a cure for an infestation of greens – could be any kind, really. The photo below is southern curly mustard greens, which are just as good this same way.


Step 1: Pick or buy your greens. wash.

Step 2: Heat a big fry pan to medium with a drizzle of olive oil. Chop garlic and start cooking this first. If you want to add onions, add them next. We used chives this time.

chivesStep 3: after the garlic gets a little head start add greens with a generous amount of salt and pepper. (I usually just eyeball it but for the sake of you measurers out there say maybe a teaspoon of each.) They will cook down A LOT so don’t be surprised if you have about two bites of greens even if you start with an arm full of raw foliage. Those two bites though, will be so gooood. 


mustard greens in panDSCN3985

You can get crazy and throw just about anything else in here, peppers, zucchini, ham (sham in our case.) Just remember the cooking order is important, the greens need the least time (about 2 minutes on medium heat and then they will be good just sitting on low.) SO, cook everything else first. We eat our greens with rice and beans, and it is one of our most favorite and easiest and cheapest meals. I think maybe we ate it everyday this week except one, considering the availability our garden is providing at this point. Also worth mentioning is that this recipe is a great solution if your veggies are a little droopy, because you are just cooking them down to nothing anyway. Key words here being a LIITLE droopy. I am in no way telling you to cook rotten vegetables. Anything brown should be thrown in the compost. 

Try it! Tell me if  you have any questions! Or if you have a recipe for relieving the stress that comes from an abundance of those pesky greens! Yum, cant wait for zucchini season. xoxo.



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