DSCN3971HOME, Brooklyn: To my surprise it turns out or nibbled lettuce is due to the snacking habits of the local bird population. This photo above is a group looking on as I foiled their dinner plans. I didn’t know birds liked lettuce but sure enough they were ravaging our new little baby plants right in front of our eyes, swooping in low and flying off with a light green flash of our coveted crop in their hungry beaks. 

If you ever want to hear a cacophony of bird song, take away their food. The buggers were freaking out as I put up these deterrents:

DSCN3975The poor mans wind chime, simply cut any kind of disposable aluminum baking pan into strips with scissors and dangle with wire. The sound and movement will keep the birds away, at least until they get used to it. Which in Brooklyn, will probably be tomorrow. Oh well. 

Here you can see the nibbled leaves.

Here you can see the nibbled leaves.




Got any great ideas for keeping garden predators at bay? Please share them!


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One Response to “BYE BYE BIRDIES”

  1. lea blüm Says:

    would a bird feeder occupy the birds and fill them up versus the leafy greens?

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