I’m Published, sort of…

JuneJuly09CoverSo the folks at ReadyMade decided to do an article about urban farming in the April/May issue and they focused on a couple in Cali who (from my point of view) were basically starting a community garden in the middle of a park in the outside of LA, hardly inner city. To put it mildly, I felt betrayed. After going off for about an hour on ReadyMade’s confused definition of “urban” the boyfriend unit bet me 10 dollars I would not write a letter to the editor by the weeks end.

So, for the love of 10 dollars, I did. And they published it.



But they didn’t print my last name or place of origin. And they left out the criticism part of my letter: 

I would have liked to see a broader range of profiles, maybe places that are a little more challenging to grow in. In my opinion your images are, in a way, discouraging to people who want to garden and grow their own food but don’t have the same space and environment that the Kelley’s do…please see the attached pics of our set up, the lettuce is just starting to come up.

So, since there are so many Heathers out there in the world, was it really me? Only the select few who read this entry will ever know the truth. Here are the pics I sent their way. Not press worthy, they had to put the mug shots of their contributors somewhere didn’t they!? Well until I make it to the top all I can do is just keep dreaming big. Eyes on the prize. 

DSCN3707(These were taken way back at the beginning of April.)



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