Sushi – not even kidding.

IMG_1774HOME, Brooklyn, NY: A flash of genius struck us tonight: sushi – harvest chives from garden, add tofu cream cheese, and pan seared asparagus (+ olive oil, salt and pepper,) and the obvious necessities – sushi rice and seaweed. It was my first time making sushi and the results were surprisingly satisfying. I would highly recommend it to anyone who hasn’t had the opportunity to attempt it.

SORRY IF THIS IS CONFUSING, I’m still so very stoked that I was able to accomplish this so my thoughts may be a bit jumbled!! To make the rice you will need: Sushi rice, rice vinegar and sugar. Cook two cups rice, two cups water. Separetly when the rice is done, in a small sauce pan, simmer carefully two tablespoons rice vinegar, one tablespoon sugar, one teaspoon salt until the sugar and salt dissolve. Pour over the cooked rice and fold gently. A sushi mat will help, but you can manage if you don’t have one (but seriously they are like 5 bucks and will help immensely.) Lay out a sheet of seaweed and prepare a bowl of cold water to use as a sort of “watering hole” for your hands as you continue, let your digits take a dip and get a little wet before you spread a hand full of the rice out using finger tips to make sure you have a nice even layer starting in the middle all the way out to the edges (see pic below with asparagus… it will help if you moisten your prints every time…) From here it’s as easy as piling on your interior, in our case a mix of tofu, asparagus, cream cheese, garden fresh CHIVES and pre cooked asparagus. We also created variations with shiitake mushrooms and avocado. yum. Ah, also almost forgot to mention some of the aforementioned radishes were used here as well, great texture addition! Once you’ve got everything layered out nice ad pretty you roll it all up like a newspaper and use your sushi mat to make it nice and tight. With a super sharp knife (it helps if you dip it in that cold water from before)  slice away into whatever thickness you deem acceptable, keep in mind “bite sized.”

Voila, if it’s not so simple sounding to you once you get half way into it – please call me and I will be happy to come over and explain more thoroughly.  Again, I reiterate, thoroughly worth the prep time, especially if you have good company. The finished product was maybe more sushi than I have ever seen in one place and is def. way cheaper than going out. Even if maybe  it wasn’t so good looking as when you have a professional make it, it all tastes just as good in the end. Good luck!





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One Response to “Sushi – not even kidding.”

  1. Jocelyn Says:

    I thought these were made in a fancy restaurant before I started reading. You are my culinary hero.

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