radish 1HOME, Brooklyn, NY: First official radish harvest on Sunday. Can you believe it? Besides the occasional curious pluck once or twice to taste the progress of my crop, I managed to harvest a whole six (6!) radishes.Don’t worry there are more on the way! This variety is the Philly White Box, from seeds purchased from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds, planted March 31st. We got most all of our seeds from this company this year, and so far so good. They are located in Mansfield, Missouri and seem like pretty solid folks. The seed catalogue is almost like reading a journal, basically an autobiography of this guy who owns the business and shares family photos and stories with every seed description. 

They look pretty good all cleaned up, and are actually pretty big (despite one with a funny shape) with a good crunch and a decent kick flavor wise. Tomorrow for lunch I will be enjoying a delish radish salad, basically fresh radishes sliced super thin with salt. Something my dad used to do when I was kid that I recently found out was a traditional German preperation, according to someone who’s spent some time there… Bon appetit, err…mahlzeit?



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